Dear Friends,

We are a unique, exciting and atypical catering co.The vibrant scene and rich history of The Seafood Shop are the building blocks for our catering co. and we bring our onsite integrity and good stewardship to our off site events. Essentially, we bring The Seafood Shop to your event.

We offer the highest quality fish, globally inspired regional food, proudly served; by friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff; an innovative, exciting experience where your guests are guaranteed to have fun.

For more than 40 years The Seafood Shop has continually supplied the community with the freshest seafood, coastal American cuisine and great customer service. Our renowned Hampton’s Clambakes as well as some of our most popular dishes, such as Paella Valencia, NE Clam Chowder, Shellfish Bisques, Chilled Maine Lobster Rolls, and Seafood Stews, have thrilled and excited our guests for generations. All of these aspects and the many years of hosting our community has given us the necessary experience to guarantee your event will be a great success.  
Please take a moment to look over our information and contact us with any and all questions. We are here as a resource to ensure your event fits your style and tastes. If you don’t see exactly what you had in mind on our menus,  please let us know and our Chef will make it happen. Just like at The Seafood Shop, we cater to all your individual needs.

Best Wishes,
Colin Mather: Owner    

Planning an event of any size can be an overwhelming task. We’ve organized and outlined our catering process to help explain the steps needed to help you better understand what to expect when planning your next event with us. For further information or to set up a meeting please contact us @ 631.537-0633 Ext 03 for full service event catering. Our event planners are ready to guide you through the process so call today!

1. Consider your guest list. Your planning depends on the time of day as well as age of your guests. A younger crowd will consume more. If this is an event held in the middle of the day less food will and is recommended.

2. Compare apples with apples. When comparing our catering proposals with our competitors, be sure their proposals include prices for food, labor, rentals, bar, additional fees, tax. Be wary of any hidden costs. There are no surprises with Seafood Shop Catering Co.

3. Reserve your rentals early. Secure the necessary equipment rentals far enough in advance before items become no longer available.

4. Meet on site. We advise setting up an appointment to meet with us at the event site beforehand (beach not necessary). It allows us to make proper adjustments ahead of time so your event is flawless.

5. Mother nature. Have a plan B in case it rains. Hope for the best but plan for the worst. On rare occasions we sometimes have next day availability.

6. Secure the date. This being the most important but most overlooked. Never assume that because you inquired about  a date and we have sent you our initial proposal that your date is confirmed and finalized. A valid credit card as well as a 50% deposit is needed preferably 2 weeks prior to your event in order to secure your date.

7. Do I need a permit? Permits depend on the town you are having your event and how many guests you are having. In any event, the permit will have to be in your name. Sfs Catering Co. can provide you with the correct forms but you the client will have to turn them in to your respective office. All permits need to be filed at least thirty (30) days in advance if possible. Here are the requirements for each town:

  • If you are having an event in East Hampton Town on public property (i.e., Atlantic Beach or Indian Wells Beach) with FIVE or more guests, you will need a mass gathering permit.
  • If you are having an event on your own private residence in East Hampton Town, a permit is required for fifty (50) or more guests.
  • If you are having an event in East Hampton Village, you will need a permit for forty (40) or more guests.
  • If you are having an event in Southampton Town, a permit is necessary for any event.

The Menu: costs include the entire menu and can range anywhere from $45. per person to $95. + per person. The lower end of this spectrum includes items such as our BBQ meats and stylized sides such as corn bread and coleslaw served buffet style. The higher end of the spectrum includes passed and stationary hors d oeuvres, a salad course, family style dinner consisting of fresh grilled fish as entrees, side dishes and dessert. You can then choose the items that best suit your taste’s and style. We will then generate a few sample menus for you using your suggestions as a guide and if needed, set up a tasting with you to further explore all options. As far as desserts go we can offer what we make in store (not birthday cakes) and are more than willing to work with you and your baker to order and rent the appropriate items needed for dessert service. We recommend Blue Duck Bakery, Levain Bakery or Breadzilla.

The Labor: costs include chefs, managers, servers, bartenders, as well as an 20 % taxable service charge for all aspects of coordinating your event. Our employees work approximately two hours prior the event for set-up, during the event to insure the best possible experience and approximately one hour after the event for breakdown and clean-up. The servers are paid $45. per hour, chefs are $55. and managers are $65. The total number of hours depends on the duration of the event and what type of service. Generally the total falls between 4-6 hours. (We charge a 5 hour minimum). Please keep in mind if we have to travel (NYC, The Northfork, Shelter Island & Montauk) to your event, this travel time is added to the labor hours. Locally the time starts when we arrive at your destination. Any overage will be added onto the final bill. Once we have an event timeline the labor hours will be much easier to calculate. Labor is always an estimate and is subject to change dependent on uncontrollable factors the day of the event. (Quick Quote: 100 People = 1 Chef, Manager, 1-2 Cooks, and 3-4 Servers).

The Rentals: includes costs of china, chairs, linens, pillows, tables, tiki’s, silverware and glassware. This cost is based upon three factors: the space where your event is being held, what that space already offers, the type of menu you choose and the number of people attending. Once we have this information Party Rental Ltd will help create a proposal outlining the items needed and their rental costs. Party Rental ltd is our go to company for all of our catering rental needs. You can visit them on line at www.partyrentalltd.com  to see their wide selection of rental equipment available. (Quick Quote: full rentals are roughly $45/Person).

The Bar: service costs include bartenders, bar set-up, break down, but not gratuity. Although we are more than happy to provide bartenders and a bar set up we cannot purchase alcohol. We do offer non-alcoholic beverages, ingredients for specialty cocktails and mixes at an additional cost. (Quick Quote: 50 People, 1 Bartender @ $45/Hour).

We suggest you contact our next door neighbor; Wainscott Main Wine & Spirits for all your liquor and bar needs. You can visit them online at www.wainscottmain.com or call Chimene @631.537.2800 to get pricing, ordering methods or to receive a price quote.

CATERING PROCESS: THE SEAFOOD SHOP CATERING CO., will let you know a rough estimate of the cost based on the information given to us at that time. It will not be perfect; however it will give us all a sense of the cost and time involved in preparing such an event. If this estimate meets your expectations, we can go forward with the catering event. Site Visit: THE SEAFOOD SHOP CATERING CO. can meet with you at our store location or at your event site to go over more specifics. We will try to get a better sense of the set up involved, and further discuss menu items. This will help us to solidify the amount of labor and rentals as well as the type of food that we will provide for the event. Proposal: Once we figure out the logistical details, we will be able to provide you with a detailed proposal of what it is that the catering event will involve. This is everything from the number of forks needed to the hours each bartender will work. This proposal can be amended and altered, but it will serve as a detailed guide as to what is involved in preparing the event. Initial Deposit: After both parties agree to the Proposal, a valid credit card # will be held on file and a 50% deposit will be made by the client. Continued Planning: after the initial Proposal and Deposit, more details will be worked out. There will be menu details to finalize, along with rentals and event coordination which will occur. The proposal may need to be amended a few times and subsequent meetings may occur.

This is your big day! THE SEAFOOD SHOP CATERING CO. will come to your event and together we will make your event extraordinary. After your event, the total labor hours will be calculated and the invoices from rentals will be tallied so that an accurate assessment of all costs involved can be made. A final bill will be emailed to you, along with the amended final proposal and receipts involved (if any). The remainder of the bill will be paid in full by the client, charged the following day after your completed event. Thanks again for taking the time to look over this information and we look forward to working with you, on your next celebration. From all of us at THE SEAFOOD SHOP CATERING CO. have a great summer!